Black Friday Goodness

As I'm sitting here typing this post, this is what's going on in the bed next to me.  I couldn't resist giving you a glimpse of how our evening ended.  Let's rewind a bit to see what wore all of us out!
I love this man. I love this gal.  (her dolls too)

We are NOT "Black Friday" Shoppers. No way would I ever have imagined this gal of mine would have talked Erick and I into going to Target. Absolutely nuts I thought.

We have had a trip planned for the American Girl Store on Sunday for "Brunch with Santa and your doll".  I figured between her AG party just two days ago and the brunch, it would have pretty much been enough for all of us when it comes to the dolls, but I guess I was wrong.

Becca found out that at Target, all of the OG Dolls and accessories were buy 1, get one 50% off and we were all pretty much sold.  Tonight we picked up the RV Camper, the Jeep, a Scooter, a Camping/Hiking Set, the "Alice" Doll and a pet dog.  Go big or go home right? It was a good deal.

Her AG collection is literally beginning to take over her room.  This is the "doll house" Erick built her for her birthday. It's floor to ceiling, 6 rooms with interchangeable backgrounds/themes. Some rooms have real linoleum and Pergo flooring.

The list of accessories/furniture she has is pretty much endless.  It's really fun to just stand in her room and take in this magical little world.

She was so excited to get all of her new things out of their boxes and into their appropriate places within the house. 

Needlesstosay, She's already outgrown this doll house that is 8ft wide 7ft tall. He's already making plans on how to extend it to wrap around her entire room.

Welcome to the family, "Alice". I'm sure we'll have many wonderful adventures with you.

"Thanksamaversary" 2013

"Thanksamaversary" ! Yes, this weekend we have our 4 year Anniversary, and Thanksgiving on the same day...Erick's been calling it "Thanksamaversary"  for weeks. I guess the name kinda stuck! 

We drove out to Alderbrook to spend Thanksgiving morning and it was so much fun. I'm glad we decided to do this, this year. I think the girls had a good time. I know dad and I both did!

The place was so cute inside. Trees, gingerbread houses, wooden horses, they had it all.

Becca found the mailbox for Santa where you could write him a postcard from the resort so she decided now was as good as time as any to remind Santa what she had been wishing for this year. 

"but most of all a merry Christmas"...

The menu in the restaurant certainly didn't disappoint.  We had prime rib, red mashed potatoes, green beans and a cornbread stuffing biscuit.  For dessert we had pumpkin pie, cranberry cheesecake & an apple crostata. 

See my plans were to not cook Thanksgiving dinner this year because I thought I would be too busy with Becca's Birthday party, our anniversary and everything being thrown at me all at once. This made for a perfect early Thanksgiving meal. We ate our dinner at 11:30 and apparently got there just before the crowds so it was perfect. We couldn't have picked a better time for our reservation! 

After we ate, we wandered around the resort lobby for a few minutes. 

We enjoyed the trees and the lights. The giant teddy bear was Noahh's favorite.  Becca played with her dolls...yes both Julie and Sage joined us for Thanksgiving dinner. 

Noahh is taking her first steps so bravely now.  Any minute we'll be chasing her and she'll be doing hot laps around her big sister.  

What a beautiful "Thanksamaversary" we had this year! Much to be thankful for...

Becca's AG Birthday Party!








Tonight we had a surprise Birthday party for our oldest. I can't even begin to believe that my baby is now 11 years old. Where does the time go? How I wish I could slow it down.  It's been such a great blessing watching my little girl turn into a beautiful young lady.  She is the sweetest and smartest lil' lady I've ever met. I'm truly blessed to be her Mommy. 
Her party tonight was so much fun, and seeing the look on her face was priceless! How I do love spoiling these girls of mine. They deserve it.  Becca is an amazing gal!
You are my heart, you are me. I love you forever and ever to the moon and back my love.
May God bless you in your life to continue on your path of greatness. To succeed in all of your endeavors and to never lose sight of who you are. A daughter of God.
May you have a wonderful year, my sweet daughter. May I try to be more like you.
All my love,

Decorating Erick's Real Tree

 Here she is! Erick trimmed her up and placed her in the dogs new water bowl, I mean the new tree stand.
He picked a pretty good one if you ask me. now we have the most adorable mini beach-cottage tree in our dining room. This will make for several lovely Christmastime meals here in the near future.  Erick even helped decorate the entire tree. He was a part of the process from start to finish. It was really fun sharing this experience with him. I know he's super proud of his tree.

Lights off for a magical display of blue and white seascape fun. 

So the REAL tree ended up being not to bad of an experience. So far. 
It smells great, it's just the right size for the dining room, and we had such a great time. I hope we can make this a new tradition for our family.  

Tomorrow we will be setting up the large, FAKE tree that I always put up. 

Goodnight everyone! 

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