Peas, Cucumbers, Beans and Squashes

I managed to get a few things planted today! I got my beans out...

and all of my peas and cucumbers in front of their trellises....
(the new ones that Erick constructed a few weeks ago)

...and my squashes! Zucchini, yellow, acorn, butternut and spaghetti   Last year we had more squash than we ever knew what to do with. This year, I'm expecting the same result!  The only difference between last year and this year, is we will be growing the squash up into tomato cages to help keep the leaves off the ground and make finding those darn squash bugs a little easier.  

Pumpkin and Melon Seedlings...

A couple weeks ago, I started another round of seeds indoors... and I noticed that the pumpkin and melon seeds were growing faster than everything else, so I opted to go ahead and move them to larger containers and get them ready for a transplant soon. 

All the pumpkin and melon seedlings got taken outside and down to the greenhouse.

They seem happier outside and in larger containers don't they? I think I'll keep them out in the greenhouse for a week before moving them into the ground. 

Clematis It Is!

Before we check out the Clematis that we finally decided on... look at these blossoms on my adorable Ultra Dwarf Asian Pear Tree!!!!!! 

So after weighing all the pro's and con's of just about every vine in the nursery, this is the one I finally settled on.  It's so beautifully fragrant, and gets very large, fairly quick! I picked up 5 of these last week and we've just started putting them in around the lattice work on the deck.

 I'm thinking they are liking their new home!

 The tree in our front yard is blossoming also! It will be so pretty in a few weeks! 

Update on the Playhouse

I'm super excited about this for the girls! Their dad has been working so hard on making them this fun playhouse! Can't wait to see Becca's face when she see's it finished for the first time! 

He's such an amazing father to our girls.... 
I am endlessly grateful for all he does for them and myself.  

Plants Have Been Soaked!

We got all the soaker hoses installed in the beds finally! 

No more dry soil for our babies....

Thanks to my darling, everything is getting watered efficiently via our water towers. 

The tomatoes are still thriving with their drip system, fed by the same water towers....

What can I plant on these!?

Last night, my darling, put up this lattice fencing around the deck. (in hopes to keep the squeaker from falling off when she starts walking)....

Now, I need help! What can I plant that will quickly grow and cover it?  Any suggestions? I need something that will look beautiful year round and grow well in this area!  Thanks honey for another job, well done. 

Pea and Cucumber Trellises

Last night, we stopped by Erick's aunt and uncle's house.  We visited for a while and at some point my darling had mentioned that he needed a new saw so he could complete a few projects at the house.  Well, this morning we were so floored, and overcome with gratitude when we found his uncle's saw, sitting on the porch. What a blessing that was!  We couldn't be more grateful for him letting us borrow it for a few days. 

Today's project was building a few new trellises for more peas and the cucumbers.  He ended up constructing six of them! These are going to really help out, when growing the peas and cucumbers "up" instead of "out" this year.

Three different kinds of peas were planted in the strawberry patch...

 ...and the cucumbers will climb these three. 
This is our designated squash bed. They grow so well in this area!

I'm just loving all the beautiful and different colored tulips I have sprouting up everywhere!

What's Growing Where!

I decided to map out what was growing where this morning.  This is a diagram of all of my beds and what is currently growing in them.  I can't believe we have this much food growing at our house! 

Herb Transplants

Time to get the herbs out of the greenhouse and into the garden beds where they can benefit the plants around them! The chives go with the carrots....

The dill goes with the cucumbers and lettuces...

The cilantro goes with the spinach!....

Wisdom from the Gardens...

Something pretty amazing came over me this morning as I took my usual morning walk down to the gardens. I noticed a garden stone I had placed in the garden a few days back and became overwhelmed with gratefulness.   This garden truly is a blessing from our Lord.  How thankful I am, that I am able to grow healthy food for my family to partake of.  I'm filled with joy and happiness that I can produce wonderful fruits and vegetables at our own home for my children and husband to eat, to help keep us healthy and nourish these bodies that God blessed us with.  With his help and guidance  I know I can get the most out of our growing space, and have a successful harvest.  Thank you Lord, for this beautiful garden you've helped us create. 

I started another round of seeds indoors today. Some for succession planting and other seedlings will be moved out to the hugelkulture bed in a few weeks such as the melons, and pumpkins... 

Look at this little guy. I found him out by one of the beds. I need to do some research and find out just what he is and make sure he's not a threat to my adorable little plants. 

Yesterday I gave all the tomatoes a heavy watering and they are loving it. I can't wait to get tomatoes this summer! One of my favorites! 

Lettuce is sprouting up in our onions.... I noticed several varieties that are from last year popping up where they don't belong. Waste not, want not...these lettuces will be allowed to grow because in our house, well, you can never have too many greens. 

 Today one of my focuses will be on my herbs that have been growing. Some will be harvested and others will be transplanted to serve as "companions" to existing plants in the beds.

These pea's are looking quite whimsical. Wouldn't you say? 

Tulips are sprouting up like crazy. Beautiful! 

And look what I spotted! The first tiny white flowers on our strawberry plants! Yippee! 

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