Tomatoes and Peppers!

I figured it was best just letting the pictures speak for themselves. :) 

Some of our Gardening Spaces...

Just to update everyone what's growing in several of our spaces, I walked around and snapped some pictures today.  We have two large pea trellises in this area, and one of them has reached it's maturity and we are just trying to maintain it and keep up with all the pea's it's producing. We are harvesting daily!  We also have Walla Walla's, yellow onions, and white onions next to two different varities of carrots.  Chives, bok choy, swiss chard, beets, turnips, radishes, kale, leeks, and collards fill in the rest of the area in these three raised beds. 

 Up here we have several zucchini plants, acorn squash, spaghetti squash and summer squash, along with 2 different kinds of cucumbers growing up the trellises. 

This is our larger strawberry patch with 2 different types of pea's growing up the back trellises.

 And beans! Three types growing in this bed! 

Another shot of the larger bed in the back corner of the yard!  Looking nice and lush! 

And last but not least, the greenhouse with a large variety of peppers and tomatoes growing! 

Father's Day Canning Extravaganza

 I bet this is what most dad's did on Father's Day right? No? Your dad or husband didn't peel 50 lbs of potatoes "army style"? Huh. Well, we must be the odd ducks then. ;) 

 Well, I didn't make him do it all by himself! We had two stations set up on the porch and both of us washed, peeled and cubed! It wasn't as bad as it looks. We had a fun time laughing and splashing too.  

But we certainly ended up with a bounty of canned goods once our 10 hour day of canning had concluded! Look at all those cubed taters and butter! Cinnamon/Honey butter, Honey Butter, Garlic and Chive Butter, and good old regular Butter.  What a day. 

New Canning Shelves

 With canning season well underway, it was time to get organized. I was running out of room in the old canning cupboards so I asked my darling if he'd make me new shelves to store my canned goods.  

...and I love them.  Thank you darling.  

Tonight's Dinner, and Two Preservation Projects

Look what we harvested tonight for dinner. Mixed greens, turnips, strawberries & radishes.

 We also picked a couple more lbs of sugar snap peas so I could pickle them, and a handful of chives to throw in the dehydrator. 

And last, but not least, Erick threw in some baby Walla Walla's.  Yum. 

Kale Chips Whoo Hoo!

This morning I harvested enough kale to make some parmesan kale chips.  Once I got it all washed up, and loaded into the dehydrator I finished my morning rounds around the gardens...

 These strawberries are so divine. Nothing like store bought.  We LOVE them. 

 Baby Spinach anyone? So sweet and crisp.  I'll probably harvest a bunch of this to accompany our steak dinner tonight. Along with some of this lettuce mix below....

Nothing tastes better than a salad of mixed greens picked from your own backyard!
 Every single one of my squash and cucumber plants are doing fantastic! Won't be long until we have oodles and oodles of squash.  

 And the peas sure are doing great in the front yard! We are still harvesting about 3-6 cups a day off our pea trellis in the backyard. 

...several hours later...
Lunch is served. Parmesan kale chips, grown in my own backyard. 

Tomato and Pepper Check-in

 This morning I was anxious to get down to the greenhouse and have a peek on my tomatoes and peppers.  I also try to hand pollinate them every other day or so.  Look who I found passed out on the walk-way. Somebody's being a sleepy head today! 

There are well over 100 tomatoes growing as we speak and about the same on the pepper plants!  I've even noticed tiny little bell pepper bums poking out of the flowers. Super excited! 

Dehydrated Homegrown Onions

 I had a few of our onions that were started as sets produce blooms like they were getting ready to seed, so we pulled them and decided to preserve them.   I removed the green tops,  the white tops, and the onion itself.  Sliced and cut all the various pieces of the onion and laid them out in the dehydrator for about 3 hours.

Not bad for 4, little tiny, yellow onions. 

Turnip Harvest

I noticed a few of our turnips needed to be harvested and decided I would saute some up for our lunch today! 

They looked beautiful! Perfect little turnips! 

 Erick and I harvested just four of them for our lunch. 

I saved the greens to saute also.  Lunch was delicious. Becca even liked the turnips! 

This is Really Happening Right Now!

Part of dinner! Several large handfuls of fresh sugar snap peas, and a couple of radishes. 

THIS is REALLY happening inside the greenhouse right now. After giving away a ton of our tomato and pepper plants, this is what remains.  37 tomato plants, and 47 pepper plants.   It is so gratifying to walk down to this area of our garden. From the moment you step into that 100' degree + area and smell the tomatoes and peppers it's like heaven on earth.  And to think, I started these all from tiny seed in January. 

Happy Gardening Everyone!

Pickled Cauliflower and Peppers

I had a head of orange cauliflower and purple cauliflower in the fridge this morning, and a few bell peppers.  I decided to pickle them, with a little garlic and peppercorns.  The vegetables looked so beautiful raw packed in the jars, but once I added the brine, they turned this magnificent pink color!  Purple cauliflower is awesome to pickle! 

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