Finished Kitchen, Dining and Livingroom

So you've been wanting to see what the rest of the house looks like finished huh?  It's been one incredible experience remodeling this house. One I care to not ever re-live might I add.  The only things that pulled us through were an unreal amount of coffee, Chinese take-out, and going for short mini-vacay's every chance we had just to get out of the house. 
I've already posted pictures of the bathroom remodel, and bedroom as well, but here's the rest of the house.  So thankful that Erick was able to do all of the work himself.  What a talented guy I have.

Tidbit's from Mom's Visit

Here are just some more tidbits from mom's visit!

Thelar Wetlands Morning Walk

On mom's last day here, we wanted to go for a morning walk. We bundled up and faced the brisk morning air for a walk through the Thelar Wetlands and I'm glad we did.
We've decided through talking that this is defiantly the best time of year for mom to visit. She loves the fall colors on the tree's and the weather played along perfectly! We got fog, a little rain, beautiful sunshine... a little bit of everything really.

Mt. Rainier

The other day proved to be a gorgeous day for a mini road trip, and what better place than to take Mom other than Mt. Rainier? We love going to this beautiful National Park for several reasons. It's always held a special place in our heart because that's where Erick has proposed to me. (Twice)  That spot up in Paradise, will always be special to the two of us and it's just such a gorgeous place that we love taking our friends and family up there as well.

It really was just the perfect day. Not to cold, and not a cloud in the sky. Because it's the beginning of the "off season", there weren't any crowds and traffic wasn't bad.

We took our time going up and down the mountain grabbing a few photo opportunities as we could get them.  It was a glorious day to be up there!
So thankful we were able to make the drive to one of our most special places with my mom today.

Noahh's First Birthday!

Somebody's turning ONE today! October 27th, 2012 this sweet little girl of ours joined our family making us whole and complete. Thank you sweet baby for blessing our lives like you have!
Love Mom, Dad, and your Big Sister Becca
Piccadilly Bakery in Port Orchard designed her "smash cake". So adorable!

There was seriously, WAY TO MUCH food.  I think everyone enjoyed it though!
It was such a blessed day!  She had her Grandma Beki, Great Grandparents Tim & Sandy, and her GREAT-GREAT Grandma Geraldine there! Talk about some MAJOR grandparent love going on.  Her lovely Aunts and Uncles came too! Steve & Judy, Karah and Danny, & her Best Friend Parker and her daddy were able to make it!  I don't think there's ever been so much love or so much family in our little house at once. What a blessing it was!
Besties Forever!

The Green Turtle, Gig Harbor

If you're looking for a fine dining restaurant with a beautiful view of Gig Harbor, this might be your place.  
Lobster Cakes, Salmon Burger,  Thai Seafood Dish, and a Salmon Wrap. So delicious!

Blodel Reserve with Mom

Mom wanted to see some more of what Washington Fall had to offer so we made a trip to the Blodel Reserve out on Bainbridge Island. I love going here for my walks sometime in the morning. It's just stunning this time of year with the leaves turning. 

Always something new to see when you visit the gardens at Blodel Reserve. The colors changing, new flowers in bloom, wild mushrooms growing... every trip is different from the last. 

This day we went, the fog was the main show. It was so beautiful as it wove in and out of the brightly covered trees. It really created a nice ambiance as you walked through the gardens. It wasn't even really chilly that day which was fantastic!

It was a really great time out at the gardens. We saw so much and man, the colors on the leaves were just stunning. I'd highly recommend anyone who has the opportunity to visit the Blodel Reserve this time of year. You won't regret! It's a beautiful show!

Community Play Time!

This is seriously the best thing ever. It gets me out of the house for some good old fashioned play time with Noahh. Even if it's rainy out, we can enjoy getting out of the house and going to do something together. It's even more fun now that Ms. Parker and her mommy join us.  Two peas in a pod I tell you. Love these girls so very much!

Mom's In Town!...and Dinner at Alderbrook

Well Grandma made it! We decided to celebrate by eating Sunday Brunch at the Alderbrook resort in Union,  Wa.   Noahh was MORE than happy to have her grandma by her side.  You can probably tell by the smile on her face. Cutie.  We ordered seafood chowder, salmon, a seafood trio, and cheese and fruit platter.  Brunch was divine.

After eating we took a walk through the resort so mom could get her "autumn leave fix". I'm pretty sure it worked.  The colors were gorgeous out.

On the way home, we made a stop in Hama Hama for some oysters. (yuck). Erick's fav. Mine, not so much. Unless Aunt Judy is cooking them. Battered and deep fried makes anything taste good.   Pair those raw oysters with some dry soda's for the drive and some smoked cheddar, we were set.

Fairgrounds Park

Grandma is almost on her way to come visit baby Noahh and it's like she could sense it!  We took a trip to the nearby park over by the Fairgrounds and Noahh had a grand time climbing in and out of the tunnels.  She also cracked up a group of moms and grandma's that were there with their small children. She would sit on top of the slide and just wave at everyone passing by with both hands. Such a happy girl she was!

Danger Zone

I'm officially declaring our house a "danger-zone".
Can this mess please be over with already?
There has been an awful lot of this going on the last couple of days and it has got to stop.  Nothing is more depressing than being stuck in your bed all day and having to order pizza because it's your last resort for getting nourishment for the day. Without a fridge, or use of any kitchen appliances, our choices for meal time are running out.  I'm sick of nibbling on raw fruits and veggies.  So I caved and ordered pizza. Again. It's the second time in a week. How disgusting.  Seriously guys, my stomach is hating me right now.
The worst part? It doesn't even taste good. I can't even enjoy it. All I can think about is my poor kitchen and how I would pretty much do anything to be able to make a meal in it. 
For weeks now, all I've been able to do is crank up the volume on whatever lame Netflix show I'm watching in effort to drown out the sound of the air stapler.  FYI, that's pretty hard to do living in just an 800sq. house.  I should have invested in ear plugs.
The house is in complete disarray. Honestly there is not one spot of counter space that is clear, not one piece of furniture sitting where it actually belongs, and I've pretty much lost access to every appliance or electrical device other than the TV in the bedroom and the cord to my laptop. Neither of which do me any good once the power gets shut off. 
So I'm trying to be a good sport about this. I truly am.  Is the end anywhere in sight? I sure hope so.  One thing's for sure, I will never, ever, ever, ever remodel a house in my entire life.  This stuff is not for the faint of heart over tools, dust and debris.  Will we ever get this place back together before mom fly's in in just three short days? 

Pizza Party With Her Bestie!

Everyone needs a best friend. I'm pretty sure Noahh has found hers. Parker and Noahh are two peas in a pod whenever we are out and about together.  This afternoon Parker and her mommy joined us for a pizza party. The girls ate pizza, and I made sure they had a chocolate brownie to nibble on for dessert.  Noahh ate all of the olives off of my vegetarian pizza slice.
We had a lemon wedge from our salad plate, and decided to let the girls chew on them. They loved those lemon slices! Even though their little faces would pucker up, they'd end up smiling and wanting more. Silly gals.  Out of nowhere Parker started whistling. Totally caught me off guard, but it was the cutest thing. I spent the remaining lunch hour whistling to her and watching her mimic it right back.  Smart cookie Ms. Parker. I've never met a baby that could whistle before!
(Look! It's a mini Travis and Erick)
After finishing up lunch, we took the girls for a stroller walk down the pier to look at the seagulls.
Two peas in a pod I tell you. 

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