A Greenhouse Inside a Greenhouse

I realize this post was supposed to be about the greenhouse, but I couldn't help it. Goats are cuter, so lets start there.
This afternoon I spent some time with the ladies out back. I'm trying to feed them by hand as much as possible so they get used to me, trust me, and know that I'm here to love on them instead of harm them... They've really warmed up to us over the last week. Not nearly as skittish as they were the night we brought them home.

Now when either of us go to the pen, they come running!  Like "there's my momma"!

Okay, I don't know if that's what they are thinking but I'd like to hope it is. They're probably just excited because they know I'm bringing them treats...

Either way, I'm enjoying my time I have with my new ladies. They really are quite loveable.

So cute. I could just play with them for days. (and did I mention low maintenance)
I'm honestly questioning now why someone would get a dog over a goat.  Ha.
After I played with the ladies for a bit, Erick and I headed into the greenhouse to make a smaller "greenhouse" within the existing 10x20 greenhouse. See we have had some propagated plants inside as well as some seed starts going, and they were taking over the dining room and I finally had enough.  
Erick figured out a plan to set up a table, with a heater underneath it, and then make a tent out of plastic to keep the warmth inside, near the plants that needed it. 
In the middle of the night this evening I plan on going down and taking the temp. Just to see how well it's working out.  It's good to have my dining room back. Well, for the most part. Those fruit trees are still in there but hopefully I can move those out to the greenhouse this week too.

2014 Seed Exchange Breakfast!

It's that time of year again, and I'm hosting another seed swapping party, this year, over breakfast at the new Bridge Deli in Manette, just two doors down from my salon.
Last year we had a great time and I met some wonderful friends that I still have today!

I know we'll have a great time at our seed exchange this year and Erick and I are looking forward to seeing you there! 

We Canned ALL Weekend!

Well, our weekend of canning has officially ended. It's been quite a busy weekend here at the homestead but we were able to put up quite a bit of food storage!
Dry and cooked canned goods.

It's nice to look at everything we accomplished this weekend.
Very productive couple of days we've had!

All of the dry goods of course got an oxygen absorber.
Kielbasa Spicy Chili,
Dehydrated Orange Peels,
Soft White Wheat Berries,
Cooked Pinto Beans,
Cooked Black Beans,
Uncooked Pasta,
Orange Juice,
Black Beans,
Pinto Beans,
Chocolate Orange Simple Syrup

Orange Overload & Plants from Friends!

In the last two days we've somehow managed to can over 100 mason jars of food.  We were able to use a lot of the ingredients from our Bountiful Basket as well. In this weeks basket, we got a case of oranges. 38 lbs.!  We've been busy working extra hard on finding as many uses for the oranges as possible and I think we did alright!

First we canned homemade orange juice made with our steam juicer.  We took all of the peels from those oranges and dehydrated them or made orange citrus household cleanser.
We also made chocolate-candied orange peels, and were able to can the leftover simply syrup from that process. 

Nothing like making homemade apricot-orange rolls on a Sunday morning.
 They were super delicious and I'm trying to avoid eating more than one.  After we finished up processing as many of the oranges as we could stand,  I ran a quick errand to visit some friends of ours.
When I pulled up to their house they were outside working in their gardens and then presented me with 7 or 8 swiss chard plants! So nice of them!  Gifts of food or plants are always my favorite!

We started our new swiss chard from seeds a few weeks ago, but these will be great to get in the ground now and give us a head start!

My lovely wasted no time making a place for them in the bed where all of the kale, and swiss chard will be for our juicing purposes.

Saturday Morning Bountiful Basket Pickup

We were excited for Saturday morning to come, so we could pick up our Bountiful Basket!

We arrived an hour prior to pickup time so we could volunteer with the distribution of produce among all of the baskets.

There were a handful of other volunteers and I think we even met some new friends!

Erick and I dove right in to help. Equally distributing all of the boxes of produce into the numbered bins for the families that would soon be picking them up.

I must say, I'm totally impressed. Every piece of produce was in immaculate condition and FRESH.
The truck was just pulling out of the parking lot when we pulled in. Everything was refrigerated and kept cool.

Once all of the baskets were finished, we were offered some extra produce for helping with the volunteer efforts.  That was really sweet of them.

I think everyone should be doing this. Where else can you get THIS much produce for $15.00?
In this weeks basket we got:
1 head green cauliflower
2 bunches of bananas
10lbs. potatoes
1 head leafy greens
7 pears
4 Asian pears
4 large green chili peppers
4 tangerines
1 bag of Brussels sprouts
1 head broccoli
6 white onions
& 2 avocados
We also were fortunate enough to get 38 lbs. of organic oranges,
a case of beautiful heirloom rainbow tomatoes and 25 lbs. of soft white wheat berries.
If you haven't decided to be a part of Bountiful Baskets, you should!

Well Goodmorning Ladies...

I couldn't sleep that well last night. Barely at all, but mostly I think because I was so excited about what I knew was laying out in the backyard sleeping.

This morning when I woke up, I wasted no time going out to say good morning to my girls.

So far, they are still a little "un-sure" about where they are it seems.  Sometimes Iris will look at me with the most dazed and confused expression on her face.

They follow each other along, non stop. Never leaving one another's side.

They are enjoying wandering around the yard and scoping out their new favorite places...

It's going to be a wild ride, raising these goats! We are pretty excited!

One of them was a little camera shy this morning.

Well ladies, I hope you have a wonderful first REAL day here at your new home.

Meet our Mini Goats!

Ever since Erick and I started dabbling in home gardening, canning etc. etc. It's been a dream of ours to raise our own chickens and dairy goats.   Well today, part of that dream became a reality.
We found two, less than a year old, purebred dwarf Nigerian goats for sale. They were sisters, one pregnant, and the other possibly pregnant. (MILK!) 
After Erick got off of work, we drove out to meet them and take a look. We fell in love. Noahh just couldn't get enough of them. She wanted down on the ground to be able to play with them. She was just fascinated.   
Ms. Iris and Ms. Hazel needed a home and we thought ours would be the perfect place for them!

(Front; Hazel, Back; Iris)
We loaded them up into the work pickup, and brought them home. 
The sun was starting to go down so Erick quickly finished some last minute preps on their new home and wired up the electric fence.  I think they were a little shy once they got out of the pickup. Hopefully in the morning they'll feel a little more settled in and we can start having some real fun together...
Welcome home ladies!

Bountiful Baskets!

Ever tried Bountiful Baskets? If you haven't, you should! 
The site goes "live" for a 24 hour period when you can pick out your basket and special add-ons.
This week, we scored big on 10 lbs. of organic heirloom tomatoes, 38 lbs. of Valencia sweet oranges, 25 lbs. of soft white wheat berries as well as the standard basket.  

There are pickup locations all over, most likely in your area! Just create an account, and sign in when the site goes "live" to order your basket.  Then make sure you're at the specified location on your pickup date to receive your goods! 

We are very much looking forward to picking up on Saturday!

More Propagating and Discount Honeysuckle!

Scored two honeysuckle plants on clearance today at Lowes! $2.00! Very excited about these!

We also got some more cuttings from several different plants and trees that we wanted to propagate. 

This stuff is pretty much amazing and works great! 

Won't be long before we have some beautiful small plants, all from cuttings off our own existing plants and trees! 

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