When The Sun's Out...We're Out!

The sun was out for most of yesterday so we all wasted no time getting outside to soak some of it up. The goats were in a particularly good mood too. I let them out of their fenced portion of the yard and allowed them to do some grazing inside the garden area. They stumbled upon my overgrown strawberry patches and took a liking to them! They LOVED those strawberry plants!
Noahh spent her morning outside with me too, munching on her "nom nom's" while I tended to some chores around the deck.

My lovely and I wanted to get those three ultra dwarf apple trees we purchased into pots, so we started that process by giving them a healthy drink of water before transplanting them.

Erick amended the soil in three huge containers and got each tree into their new home.  We love our ultra dwarf fruit trees that are potted on our deck. The provide a little bit of privacy and look beautiful too!

This is the first Braeburn apple we have bought. Excited to see how this one does!

...here's the Zestar Apple...

Oh Sobe! She's been such a great dog lately. Our other pup, Tech, has been really obnoxious lately. I swear, if it's not one, it's the other.  They go in circles with which one is behaving and which one isn't. It's a rarity for them to both behave at the same time. Sobe loved all of the attention she was getting while we were all outside working. 

...and our Gala! Really thrilled about this one. I think she'll do great up on the deck.

I love to mulch and then spread flower seeds inside the same pots as the trees. It just adds a pop of color come spring time. 

Speaking of seeds. I had a few boxes laying around and now that I have a beautiful new potting bench, I was inspired to get out there and clean up ALL of my pots from last year. That's right. I amended ALL of the soil in EVERY pot I had.

I've never had such success with growing a variety of flower than I have had with Impatiens and Marigolds. Plus, they're good for our vegetable gardens!

I feel better now, knowing all of my pots have been cleaned up and re-seeded. I also went through the ones that have perennials and got them cleaned up too and ready to sprout new growth!
Another good day with plenty accomplished!

Our New Potting Bench all from Recycled Materials!

Well my potting bench is just about finished! I have a few more touches left to do, like finding some vintage knobs for the sides to hang things off of, but for the most part, it's ready for spring!

Yesterday at the nursery, we picked up some pretty blue and white annuals...
I love the idea that all of my "pretties" are on display too on my bench. I have a love affair with old bottles and colored glass.  I just can't get enough! They are everywhere throughout my house, and on display anywhere I can get some light to shine through them.  I knew I wanted to bring some of my collection out onto the potting bench!
No more asking Erick where my shovel is.  From now on, I won't have to dig through the messy garage either! A place for everything and everything in it's place!

I also decided to store my potting moss and charcoal in mason jars, right here on my bench for easy access!

I found a small wire basket to place all of my gardening gloves in too!

I'm so thrilled with how my bench turned out and thankful to Erick for building it for me. He really is too good to me! Love him so very, very much!
Our extra seed starting pellets found their way into a mason jar too!
Yay for pretty things in pretty places!

New Apple Trees & Fun With Grandparents!

We made a trip out to Molbak's where we met our Grandparents Hank and Marylyn.  We stumbled across this and instantly I knew that I "needed" one.  Isn't it lovely? I bet I know just the guy who could make one of these for me....

In fact, I'm pretty sure I could use several of these around the backyard....

It even looks like it would be a fairly "easy" project. One I'm sure Erick wouldn't mind spending an afternoon putting together for me.

I think this flower "mosaic" is just lovely! I really hope to incorporate this idea into our own backyard gardens this spring!

Erick and I braved the rain for a few minutes, just long enough to pick out 3 new ultra-dwarf apple trees... they didn't really have any trees suitable for us to espalier, but we figured our deck could handle three more dwarf fruit trees.

So we got three different varieties of apples! ...and they were 25% off too!

Nanny and Papa entertained little Noahh while we were shopping for trees. When we finished up, I snagged a few photo moments of her being intrigued by the umbrella I was holding. Love this little miss more than words.

We sure were spoiled today by Hank and Marylyn! We all went to dinner and then afterwards Erick wanted to go browse Barnes and Noble with his grandfather.   Marylyn and I relaxed by indulging in some coffee treats at Starbucks while the boys looked through the aisles of the bookstore.  Grandma treated Noahh to a heart shaped sugar cookie too!

Probably one of my favorite moments of the night.  Catching this.  Nothing warms my heart more than Grandfather with Grandson, and we're happily enjoying each and every moment we get JUST LIKE THIS ONE. 

New Potting Bench out of Recycled Materials

We bought the girls a new set of bunk beds and I devised a plan to be able to use the pieces of the old bed for a new "potting bench" out on the deck.  See, I've wanted a potting bench for as long as I can remember, but the idea of buying one just never felt right. I wanted something shabby, something with a little bit more personality. Something beach cottage inspired and perfectly suiting my taste.

We also had a few pieces that went to an old futon that we incorporated into the design on the new bench.  We used the slatted parts of the futon to run up both sides of the bench so we could hang misc. tools and whatnot up them.

Erick measured everything out and screwed both pieces of the futon frame onto the wall.

For the "center stage" part of the bench, we used Becca's old headboard. I loved the idea of using it for a potting bench because of the cubby's it already had.

We also incorporated an old pallet that the girls were using for a bookshelf. 

Erick measured and cut it down into three pieces. 

He secured one section for the first "shelf" on the bench.

Meanwhile the goats braved the rain and cold weather to do a little grazing on the upper part of the yard. They loved the fresh green grass that was available to them!

Erick screwed on the second "shelf" & then used the footboard of Becca's old bed to be the front of the new potting bench.  

I love that I can dream something up, hand him the materials, and he comes up with something beautiful.  Between the two of us, there really isn't anything we can't transform.

1 shelf, 2 shelf...and now the front is screwed on.

He placed the side rails of the bedframe onto the sides of the potting bench for added support. It's raining like cats and dogs out there but I can't wait to decorate my potting bench tomorrow and get everything moved out onto it!
 Now I just need to get my vintage knobs put up to hang things on. I'll bring out my pots, flowers, tools and growing mediums to put out on display. Thank you love, for building me yet another one of my dreams board by board, nail by nail. 

The Girls Are All Moved In!

Well Erick helped me get everything put up and away for the night. I think we got just about everything to fit but he's already devising a plan of  how to build the girls a set of bunk beds and a new AG doll house so all of their things will fit better.

Either the room's too small, or their collection is getting too big. Probably a combination of the two but I'll blame the room being too small. I just don't see how one could ever have to many dolls.

We have another surprise for the Becca but it's not finished yet. I found it a few weeks ago but I haven't been able to put any time into it but maybe this weekend I can find the time to get it finished for her before Spring break gets here!

Sadly, we only have 2 beds and all of these dolls! Erick needs to find a good "sleeping arrangement" for all of the girls.  I guess we do have the tent and the RV for them to sleep in too!

I love that we have the modern "wash station" and the vintage one too!

Yep, Licorice is getting quite comfortable with some of the other AG pets...

Seriously jealous of the dolls shoe collection. They have way more than I have. Way more than all of us put together!

I'm nervous to do a count of how many outfits they have too. The clothing collection is way out of hand. I hope Erick devises a storage solution for that quickly!
Well for the most part, the two new dolls got moved in and all is well!
...but I'm afraid we are running out of room!

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