Little Rascals Farm & Hansville Creamery

What better way to spend our Memorial Day then traveling around North Kitsap and touring local farms? Doesn't get much better than that.   We made a really fun stop at Little Rascals Farm and Hansville Creamery and it was so much fun, for our whole family! 

We got to take a good close look at all of the areas of their farm and we met so many new friends! 

We got a tour of their large "greenhouse". As soon as you got near the opening the most overwhelming scent of fresh strawberries hit you and Becca was able to do a little taste testing. She raved about how delicious they were!  They showed us their growing technique for how they grow their tomatoes and peppers too! 


The infamous strawberries! I hope that ours turn out this delicious.  By the looks of our crop in our strawberry patch it seems as if this will be the best year we've ever had for our strawberries and we're looking forward to that! 

They showed us their compost tea they were brewing, which was fun! 

They have a large and beautiful hugelkultur bed! 

Well hello there! Time to meet some of the dairy goats! 

They had a beautiful flock of chickens. All of their roosters and hens seemed to be "living the good life".
 that was our trip to their farm! Sure was a fun day for our little family and we left with the most amazing goat cheese to sell at the Farm Stand! You'll defiantly have to come by and get some before it sells out! 

On Your Honor...

This morning while we were out in Hansville, we came across a lovely small farm that had their own "Honor System" Farm Stand.  We were so thankful we found this little gem, and we will defiantly be making a stop there each time we're in the area! 

What to choose, what to choose! Everything looked absolutely delicious.   From homemade biscotti, tarts, honey and all sorts of preserves and chutney, we had a hard time deciding what to bring home with us!

Cherry Toasted Almond Jam? Yes please! 


We settled up by dropping a $20 in their old cigar box and we walked away with a delicious cherry tart, a jar of pumpkin preserves, pear chutney and cherry toasted almond jam! 
 Life really is good out in the country where people are down to earth and trusting of strangers.  
We'll defiantly be returning to this "honor system" stand!

A Visit to Pheasant Fields Farm

 Yesterday we took a visit to Pheasant Fields Farm, and it was a real treat! 
We're excited to be carrying their plant starts at the farm stand starting next week for our big grand opening and we were lucky enough to get a chance to visit this farm, first hand! 

 Such a beautiful piece of land they have!  Tucked away in a valley almost, the farm house sits below wild flowers, hoop houses, a greenhouse, chicken coop and more! 

 All of their seedlings looked so healthy and happy! We can't wait to pick some up next Friday and get them ready for opening day at the farm stand! 

 We picked a good time to go also, because they were just coming back from the farmers market.  The kids and I walked around and enjoyed the land while they were unloading. It was the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at what they had going on at their farm!

 So many tomatoes!  

 One can never have to many tomatoes. Or so I tell myself. I might be singing a different tune here in a few months.... I have a feeling I might have planted one too many.... 

 I love taking the girls out to other farms. It gives them a chance to experience "farm life" on a larger scale than what they can at our little urban homestead.  I'd love to have a big chunk of land like Pheasant Fields. One day! 

 It was a beautiful day for a farm visit. We're already looking forward to going back again soon!

Summertime is Here!...

Well, summertime is here! Even though it's rainy and wet out this weekend the girls are kicking off their summer vacation with sleepovers and playing out in the playhouse. The same playhouse Erick started building last summer. We're so close to finishing it! Maybe by mid-June we can have it completed if all goes well weather wise and we get a few dry weekends around here!

Becca's got some great girlfriends nearby and we love having them over. 

Sometimes I'm amazed that I have an 11 year old. Where has the time gone? How could she be this big?!   How did we go from Barbies and cartoons to cell phones & boys. Thankfully when she's here at home we keep life simple and as "low-tech" as possible. She's defiantly showing a lot more interest in the animals and the gardens, which makes us very happy.  She's just growing up to be the most beautiful of beautiful.

I think it's time to get our hugelkultur ready for planting! All of our seedlings exploded this week and will be needing new homes soon. 

Although it rained all day, Erick spent many hours out working on things near the animal houses. I know he perfected our "water-tower" a bit and played around with the bunny hutch by creating the bunny his own entrance and exit. He also made a new door for the chicken coop. One that the goats cannot squeeze their way into. Maybe now the goats wont be able to eat so much of the chicken feed! 

Silly girls! I wonder what they'll be up to tonight at their sleepover. We caved and ordered them pizza. Their choice of course. I remember how important sleepovers were for me at her age. Great bonding and girl time for sure! 

It feels like we just got our seeds in the ground for May, and now it's practically June! 

 A few of our beds out back are bursting with new plants and emerging seedlings. Very exciting! 
I'll admit, I was very thankful to hear we would be getting some rain this weekend. Everything needed it! Including me! I'll take a break from watering, yes sir! 

I feel like every time I walk by our fruit trees I spot hundreds more of these. Okay, maybe not that many but it sure does feel like it some days!

A Little Work on the Farm Stand...

 This morning we were lucky enough to get several hours of sunshine in, to finish up our cut-out project for the Farm Stand! ...and look who finally bloomed! One of my clematis vines!

It took us the majority of the morning, but the weather was cooperating so we just went ahead and knocked out all of the painting that had to be done.  So thankful that the rain held off until this afternoon! It helped us get this job finished today for sure! 

Here they are! A cute little chicken, bunny and goat! 

Couldn't have done this project without Erick. He generously cut out and sanded all of the animals and even helped me paint each of them!  It was a good day!  The countdown is on, we're less than 2 weeks away now from the opening of our stand.  We had quite a few visitors today stop by and tell us how excited they are for the opening of our stand. We love meeting everyone in our neighborhood and community! May 31st, hopefully you'll find a few minutes to swing in and say hi! 

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