How to Plant a Vegetable Garden in Zone 9a -- Florida

 It's the first of September, which means it is a wonderful time to start a vegetable garden if you live in Florida.  The temperature here now,  can mimic the seasons of Spring or Summer in other parts of the country and if you live in Southern Florida, it is very possible to grow just about anything year-round. How cool is that?

We've been in our new home, here in Northern Florida for just over a week now.  We are getting ready to re-assemble our hydroponic grow beds, which means we need veggies to put into them!  It's the beginning of September as we mentioned, which means it's time to start our "Fall season veggies".  These are also known as your "cool weather crops". 

Start planning your DREAM garden by following these easy steps! 
1) Start by finding out what zone you live in HERE.
2) Choose your crops HERE.
3) Draw out your garden design plans HERE.

All you need to start your seeds indoors is some seed starting soil pods or cell trays with organic soil.   At this point, gather up your non-gmo, pure heirloom, raw & un-treated seeds...some plant markers, a pen and a big ol' glass of sweet tea!  Want TIPS on starting your SEEDS in TRAYS

Want to see which seeds THRIVE in cooler temps? Look here.

Here is a list of crops and their specific planting dates and information that might be helpful if you live in Northern Florida, Zone 9a, like we do now.

Planting Guide for Florida, Zone 9a
{& other parts of Florida as well}

Planting Dates in Florida (outdoors)
Plant Family

Days to
Beans, bushMar-Apr Aug-SepFeb-Apr SepSep-AprFabaceae50-60
Beans, poleMar-Apr Aug-SepFeb-Apr Aug-SepAug-AprFabaceae55-70
Beans, limaMar-AugFeb-Apr Sept.Aug-AprFabaceae65-75
CabbageSep-FebSep-JanSep-JanBrassicaceae90-110 (70-90)
CantaloupesMar-AprFeb-AprAug-Sep Feb-MarCucurbitaccae75-90 (65-75)
CauliflowerJan-Feb Aug-OctOct-JanOct-JanBrassicaceae75-90 (55-70)
CeleryJan-MarAug-FebOct-JanApiaceae115-125 (80-105)
Chinese cabbageOct-FebOct-JanNov-JanBrassicaceae70-90 (60-70)
CollardsFeb-Apr Aug-NovAug-MarAug-FebBrassicaceae70-80
Corn, sweetMar-Apr AugFeb-Mar Aug-SepAug-MarPoaceae60-95
CucumbersFeb-Apr Aug-SepFeb-Mar SepSep-MarCucurbitaceae50-65 (40-50)
EggplantFeb-JulyJan-Mar Aug-SepDec-Feb Aug-OctSolanaceae90-110 (75-90)
Endive/EscaroleFeb-Mar SepJan-Feb SepSep-JanAsteraceae80-95
KaleSep-FebSep-JanSep-JanBrassicaceae70-80 (55)
KohlrabiSep-MarOct-MarOct-FebBrassicaceae70-80 (50-55)
Lettuce: Crisp, Butter-head, Leaf & RomaineFeb-Mar Sep-OctSep-MarSep-JanAsteraceae50-90
Onions, BulbingSep-DecSep-DecSep-NovLiliaceae120-160 (110-120)
Onions, Bunching (Green onions)Aug-MarAug-MarSep-MarLiliaceae50-75 (30-40)
Peas, EnglishJan-MarSep-MarSep-FebFabaceae50-70
Peas, southernMar-AugMar-SepAug-AprFabaceae60-90
PeppersFeb-Apr July-AugJan-Mar Aug-SepAug-MarSolanaceae80-100 (60-80)
Potatoes, sweetMar-JunFeb-JunFeb-JunConvolvulaceae(120-140)
PumpkinMar-Apr AugFeb-Mar AugJan-Feb Aug-SepCucurbitaceae90-120 (80-110)
Squash, SummerMar-Apr Aug-SepFeb-Mar Aug-SepJan-Mar Sep-OctCucurbitaceae40-55 (35-40)
Squash, WinterMar AugFeb-Mar AugJan-Feb SepCucurbitaceae80-110 (70-90)
Tomatoes, StakeFeb-Apr AugJan-Mar SepAug-MarSolanaceae90-110 (75-90)
TurnipsJan-Apr Aug-OctJan-Mar Sep-NovOct-FebBrassicaceae40-60
Watermelon, LargeMar-Apr July-AugJan-Mar AugJan-Mar Aug-SepCucurbitaceae85-95 (80-90)

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