How to Water Your Vertical Onion Tower

It's the beginning of May here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and I've noticed that the cooler weather and rainy days are starting to subside.  The gardens are needing more regular watering these days, and we're having to utilize our rainwater catching system now to keep the garden beds moist and plants thriving.   

Everything in the garden is hooked up to automatic drip irrigation lines that are gravity fed from rain barrels that catch rain water.  We've been using this system for several years now, with much success.  

So now let me show you how we added the onion towers to our existing watering system,

 ...but first... if you missed the post on "How to Build An Onion Tower",

To add these onion towers to our automatic watering system, we used the following materials:

3/4 inch PVC piping with a cap on the bottom, cut just taller than the tower. We also used some drip irrigation line that we hooked up to our system that's already up and running.  (You can use whatever watering system you already have in place)

Step one- Cut the PVC pipe just taller than the tower.

Step two- Drill holes 1/16th of an inch up all sides of the PVC pipe.  We drilled 8 holes in our pipe.

Step three- Push the PVC pipe all the way down the center of the tower.

Step four- Place the drip irrigation line into the top of the pipe.

That's it!  So now when we turn on our water system, the PVC pipe begins to fill with water and is dispersed throughout the tower evenly. If there is any over flow it just comes out the top and drips back down into the center of the tower.  

We also have a shut off valve where this part of the system meets the existing system so we can shut it off from the rest of the gardens if we wish.  That way, if we get a good heavy rain and don't need to water them, we have that option of turning it off at the valve.  

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