Hooking Into "a Good One"...

Today was a beautiful morning. Erick set his alarm for 5am, and we tumbled out of bed in the dark having only gotten maybe 4 hours of sleep because we stayed up late watching movies the night prior. Erick packed the car with minimal fishing gear, chairs, a cooler and the beach cart.

We loaded up and hit the road, stopping for some drinks on the way out of town. Once we got into Pensacola Beach, the sun was just rising up over the clouds and horizon. It was a bit "chilly", (meaning it was below 70 degrees), and there was a slight breeze.

Believe it or not, the water was warmer than the air around it, so wading into the emerald green waters wasn't difficult. Erick got in, cast his line, and I began digging for shells brought in by the last beach revitalization project not too long ago. Folks have been finding all sorts of glorious shells in Pensacola Beach recently and I wanted to try my luck.  

I was blessed to find some really pretty shells, and swim in the warm water. There were a lot of jelly fish, but they are fairly easy to dodge as long as you kept your eyes peeled. I swam up and down the coast for a bit, totally unaffected by them. 

The beach was practically empty this morning. Now that the tourists have all gone home, and the locals think it's "too cold" to be out and about, we pretty much have places like this to ourselves, even on the weekends. 

He caught one! First pompano ever caught since moving to Florida, and it was a beauty! This was defiantly the highlight of our day.


THIS happened.

Hey, but at least we caught that pompano! 

Noahh's First Jet-Ski Ride

Well, here it is...the middle of November and we're still playing in the water. Today Noahh got to go on her very first Jet-Ski ride and it went off without a hitch!

We got it into the water, and Noahh anxiously strapped on her life-jacket. She had been asking all day to ride on the "boat". (the small one she calls it, not the BIG one, lol)

Off they went! The first thing she said when they got back was "that was awesome", as she threw her hands up into the air.


We all played on the water for a few hours until dusk...then we watched the most beautiful sunset. I can't believe it's November and still 78 degrees out during the day. Truly paradise...

Happy Halloween, 2016

I managed to snap a few quick pictures with my cell phone for our Instagram account. It was such a busy day, I didn't have time to take any great pictures of the food or treats, but you can view our Instagram account here at @themoreonesows

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Backyard Transformation Pictures, Week 2

So here we are, just wrapped up week two of our major backyard transformation. We got so much done, I'm kind of impressed with ourselves. Keep in mind, because of our very busy schedules most of this work was all done over the weekend because we don't have time during the weekdays to accomplish much. 

Erick started the long weekend off by running sprinkler lines and power to various areas of the yard. That was a great deal of trench digging but he powered through like a champ. You can tell we're getting older though, neither of us move as fast as we used to. Good thing our entire backyard is SAND which is really easy to dig.

More plants! We bought so many plants this week, more than we did last week for sure. Just when I think I've got enough to cover the areas that I had planned on, I realize I'm short and we go back for more. After I bought all of these in the picture above I thought I'd be finished but now that we have them all in the ground, I can see we still need more. At least one more car-load. 

We got the fountain installed, and Noahh loves it. Quick way to cool off I guess! 

Lowes delivered Erick's new Akorn grill, which he has been very excited to get. He wasted no time running to the store to purchase a couple of pork butts and ribs to throw on there. 

Noahh's most favorite flowers she says. I love them too. So bright and lovely. 

He decided to get the grill fired up before running to the store so it would be hot and ready by the time he returned. 

The bamboo showed up! All 8 rolls of this stuff. The plan was to put this around the pool, which you'll see here in a bit. I wanted to cover the vinyl exterior of our above ground pool. 

Yep, he's back from the store already and rubbing those pork butts down. 

We got everything burning and let it smoke away all day long while we worked on the rest of our outdoor projects. I think we are going to get a lot of use out of this thing. 

Got some baby seedlings waiting patiently to be put into a new home. 

More plants. Can't get enough. These are for a fun new spot in the garden that I cannot wait to show you. I think out of the entire new backyard, this is what I'm most excited for. 

More digging along the house. So thankful he installed a sprinkler system for me to water all of my plants. This will save me so much time, and worry. 

We made a nice long garden bed along the length of the house and this is where I'll be planting all of our shade loving grasses and plants. I think they'll really POP once we get the house re-sided and painted. 

We purchased this peace-lily which I'm super excited about. It will boast beautiful, large white flowers when in bloom.

Here's the side of the pool all wrapped up in bamboo. No more ugly blue/grey vinyl being an eyesore in my backyard. 

Power is ran to the center island of the backyard. Can't wait to show you what we plan on doing with this area. Probably my second most favorite aspect of our new tropical oasis. 

We still haven't finished the chicken coop run, but it will be finished soon. We're just going to extend the black metal fencing all the way down the length of the yard and connect it to that chainlink you see in the background. The chickens, and bunny are already looking forward to having more room to run, I can just tell! 

We got the new canopy on our gazebo. I think I need to purchase a couple of these since they only get a few years out of them. Especially with the storms and sunlight we get here in Florida. 

I am really enjoying how the pool wrap turned out. Plus, it gives me just a little bit more privacy while we're in the pool. 

So here's our backyard after just two weekends! I'm so happy with all we've accomplished so far. We even turned on the fire pit and enjoyed sitting and visiting after a long work day. 

Planted some more ornamental kale plants in this bed, and mulch is on it's way! 

So that's it! Week two of our major backyard transformation. 

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See you next week! 


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