Happy 4th of July, Perdido Style

We hope you all had a wonderful and happy 4th of July. We stayed close to home on our little beach here in Perdido Key and gathered with all of our friends and neighbors. 

For most of the day, our kids had the beach all to themselves. All of the tourists must have been visiting other places because the place was a ghost town until evening time, PRE-fireworks.  Noahh was happy to play with her big sister and a few close friends on the beach all day long.  

She's not afraid to pull anything up out the water...and she loves catching giant snails that walk around the sandy bottom. 

Cupcakes, what a treat! Some new friends brought these over for the kids and they were a huge hit. 

Erick and the kids built a cute little sand-castle, and the girls customized it with a few "4th of July" trimmings. 

Hate to admit it, but he used a big boy shovel to dig in the sand. Said it was much easier that way! Here he is smoothing out the "rough" edges with the toy shovel that belongs to the kids. 

Time to fire up the grill! We had pineapple chicken kabobs, and hot dogs for the kids. 

Babe even got himself a new yeti for his birthday. He needed one that would fit a soda can. I might have even had it personalized with an "eternity loop", anchor and our initials. Kinda cute and silly but he LOVES it.  No more warm soda's for this guy. 

We have the best "littles" in our neighborhood! The sweetest, most kind, polite and thoughtful kids ever. So thankful my kids are growing up with excellent friends. 

Noahh and her bestie, Ella. Two peas in a pod. T-R-O-U-B-L-E, in about 10 years. 

Ella's dad Richard, and Erick getting the boil started! We put together an awesome low country boil with crab, mussels, shrimp, prawns, potatoes, carrots, corn, squash and onions.  

For those not accustomed to eating seafood cooked in a boil, I am so sorry! Ya'll need to come down to the south and really treat yourself. I remember the first time I had a low country boil, I was living in Kingsbay, Georgia while my first husband was stationed there in the Navy.  I've been hooked ever since! 

We ended our evening sitting on the water's edge and viewing fireworks in ALL directions.  Hub Stacy's lit off quite a show right on the dock in front of us. We had front row seats and were just across the road from home.  How lucky were we?! Wouldn't have changed a thing about this celebration.  Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July weekend! 

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