Hooking Into "a Good One"...

Today was a beautiful morning. Erick set his alarm for 5am, and we tumbled out of bed in the dark having only gotten maybe 4 hours of sleep because we stayed up late watching movies the night prior. Erick packed the car with minimal fishing gear, chairs, a cooler and the beach cart.

We loaded up and hit the road, stopping for some drinks on the way out of town. Once we got into Pensacola Beach, the sun was just rising up over the clouds and horizon. It was a bit "chilly", (meaning it was below 70 degrees), and there was a slight breeze.

Believe it or not, the water was warmer than the air around it, so wading into the emerald green waters wasn't difficult. Erick got in, cast his line, and I began digging for shells brought in by the last beach revitalization project not too long ago. Folks have been finding all sorts of glorious shells in Pensacola Beach recently and I wanted to try my luck.  

I was blessed to find some really pretty shells, and swim in the warm water. There were a lot of jelly fish, but they are fairly easy to dodge as long as you kept your eyes peeled. I swam up and down the coast for a bit, totally unaffected by them. 

The beach was practically empty this morning. Now that the tourists have all gone home, and the locals think it's "too cold" to be out and about, we pretty much have places like this to ourselves, even on the weekends. 

He caught one! First pompano ever caught since moving to Florida, and it was a beauty! This was defiantly the highlight of our day.


THIS happened.

Hey, but at least we caught that pompano! 

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