Disneyworld, Last Day of Vacation

The last day of our trip this month included a stop inside the Magic Kingdom. Originally this was not planned, however we were expecting a terrible storm this day and thought it might be worth going since crowds were expected to be low due to the rain. 

When we first arrived, we watched the show on Mainstreet. You can see the clouds are present and the sky was dark, but no rain yet! 

We didn't even get past Mainstreet and Erick was stopping for something to eat. Pretty sure my husband is the only person who could eat THIS for breakfast! I had a few bites, it was spectacular, but not something I'd typically enjoy first thing in the morning.

Noahh scored with her breakfast. Sugar on her sugar...

They were right! Crowds were LOW. Maybe coming to the Magic Kingdom today wasn't a bad idea!

We made a stop inside the Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe. Had to get my Christmas ornaments which has now become a tradition for us. 

To our surprise, they asked Ms. Noahh if she would like to decorate the Disney Christmas tree! Only ONE child per day is allowed this special treat and Noahh was randomly chosen! How stinking cool was that?! The cast members even gave her a special Mickey ornament and certificate after she was finished. 

When we came out of the Christmas store, the sun was shining! (As you can see from Noahhs squinty eyes in this picture.)

In the fast-pass line for Haunted Mansion. Noahh calls this the "Spooky" ride and it's her favorite!

Dole Whip Floats? Yes please. 

With the sun shining we had to eat these fast! They were melting pretty quick. 

Made one drop down Splash Mountain...

You can't come to WDW and not get a Mickey pretzel! 

Haunted Mansion round two...

You guessed it, cinnamon roll time!

One roll will feed 3-4 people I swear. 

Noahh loves her "race cars"! It finally started to rain, but we were prepared! Ponchos for everyone! 

It's a Small World, for the third time... requested by Ms. Noahh herself. 

Dinnertime at the Crystal Palace was magical as usual! Check out these desserts.

Character time was fantastic. Last time we ate at this restaurant, Noahh was asleep in her stroller so she didn't get to meet these guys. This trip, she was wide awake and VERY excited to give all of her friends a big ol' squeeze. 

While dad rode Space Mountain, Noahh and I went on the Toy Story ride, she's improving her score with each time! Up to 2,000 pts. this trip, all by herself. 

Just as we were finishing our night the lightning came out. Rain started to pour and we made a mad dash to the Monorail. See you soon! 

Our Epcot Vacation, Day 2

Day two in EPCOT was just as magical as the first. We made sure we had our good walking shoes and off we went, traveling the World Showcase for the second day in a row. But first, we had to fill up our refill-able Disney popcorn bucket! $15 buys you a bucket, and a re-fill costs just $1.50 for the rest of your stay.

We stopped right inside Mexico, first! 

Oh squeaks! You are "Minnie Moused' out!" From your head down to your toes... 

On our way into Norway, the Showcase opens officially at 11:00 am and we could already smell the pastries coming from across the way! 

We jumped in line for "Frozen", while Erick ran in to get us some treats to eat while we stood in line. Noahh loved them! 

Noahh must have found that ONE leaf on the ground...

Next stop, CHINA! One of my favorites...

Stopped at the "trading post" so Noahh could bust out a song and a dance...

While we were waiting for our table in Italy, Noahh made friends with two other little girls. It's always easy to make friends at Disney! 

Noahh's dessert after that big Italian lunch! 

Mom and Dad's dessert...Baklava! (two ways) Baklava is a rich, sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened and held together with syrup or honey. We had one variety with chocolate and one without. Both were delicious. 

Resting our feet in Germany with giant pretzels, and more popcorn! Look at the Epcot ball, (Spaceship Earth) in the background. What a view! 

Back to Mexico we go for supper! 

...but first, had to try these! Wish we would have bought more! 

Finished the night in Mexico with virgin margaritas and a taco sampler. More than enough food since we had been eating all day.

Goodbye Epcot, until next time!

Our First Epcot Vacation, Day 1

We just got home from our first Epcot vacation and it was magical. The weather cooperated perfectly for our first day and we spent the entire day traveling the world and experiencing the culture from all of these amazing countries. 

"Club Cool" was awesome! The perfect destination to slip into and cool off with a cold beverage! 

Living with the Land was a MUST-SEE for Erick and I. Because of our love for gardening and hydroponics we couldn't wait to see what Disney was growing! 

Had to stop by Le Cellier Steakhouse for some delicious poutine & a nanaimo bar for dessert!

FISH and CHIPS from the Yorkshire County Fish Shop. We ate this delicious basket of food alongside the lake. It was the perfect atmosphere and we can't wait to go back for more! 

Look who Noahh ran into! Mary Poppins herself! Mary Poppins gave Ms. Noahh quite a set of instructions on how to be a polite little girl who listens to her parents. Noahh busted up laughing every time Mary Poppins started talking to her. What a doll!  

This was probably the most memorable moment of the entire trip for me. Seeing the magic on Noahh's face was priceless. 

On to France, and some pastries and ice-cream! 

This macaron (French macaroon) was one of my most favorite things we ate in France! I should have ordered TWO! Just kidding, kinda. 

No caption needed. This picture speaks for itself! Germany, of course...

The shops in China were amongst my favorite. There was so much to look at, and I LOVED all of the snacks available for purchase to take home. The ginger chews are to die for! We bought several flavors...

We concluded our first day in Epcot over at the Nine Dragons Restaurant in China. Erick got the braised pork belly and I got an Almond Honey Chicken! Delicious! 

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