Our Favorite Stops in Disney's Animal Kingdom

There's nothing better than getting to Disney's Animal Kingdom right at opening. The streets are peaceful and quiet, and as the performers begin to come out, you get a great view! 

We try to always take a quick stroll through the Harambe Market. The place is deserted in the morning and if you want to check out all of the details they put into that area of the park, it's a great opportunity to get some pictures.

Best quote I've ever seen in WDW. 

Don't you wish you could go inside?! Makes me want to pack my bags and go on a real adventure.

Breakfast of champions! The sweet spot adjacent to the Market has the most delicious treats. My favorite is the chocolate covered pineapple spear. Noahh loves the animal krispies on a stick! 

Come to the market hungry at opening though, you'll want to experience the flavors here. Our favorite, and GO-TO item is the famous sausages. They are deep fried with a curry coated batter!

...and quite large might I add. We usually get one sausage and one other entree to share. Plenty of food for a light lunch, especially if you plan on snacking later on or throughout the day. (think fried rice and egg rolls at Yak and Yeti!)

One of the reasons I enjoy Animal Kingdom so much is because you feel like you're really in these countries for a minute. The detail that went into every bit of this park feels authentic from the tastes, sounds and sights. I can't get enough of it! 

We love watching these guys. Especially the babies. 

Souvenirs! Can't resist. Especially ones that will hold onto you instead of having to haul them around all day...lol

...and the new Rivers of Light show! Complete game changer as far as we are concerned. We used to think of Animal Kingdom as a "half of a day" kind of park. That is until we received special wrist bands upon entering the park that gave us access to the FIRST soft-opening show of this new attraction. Now showing at dusk, this show makes it well worth sticking around the park all day. It's an absolutely gorgeous way to end a day at Animal Kingdom. 

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